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Having said that…..

November 29, 2009
Is his nickname “Peanut” because he’s related to George Washington Carver?


Another Sunday has arrived. The Sunday paper is getting devoured and the coffee pot is percolating. This is my sabbath and I keep it holy. Life is good.

In the back of my brain’s recesses, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that the Queens may be in a little bit of trouble. Just a little bit. They’ll probably pull out the W at Mall of America Field the Roller Dome this afternoon, but there’s something about the Bears that has me slightly nervy.  First on my list is Jay Cutler. He is most definitely an enemy of the state. He reminds me of the mid-20s, Ed Hardy-rocking D-bags whose cars I would valet as I worked my way through college. You know the kind of kid that would yell at you in near tears over some car that his parents bought him? The tantrum he had with Phillip Rivers a couple seasons ago remains my favorite/least favorite sports memory in recent vintage. Two guys looking like they were arguing over where to go after their Duke lacrosse practice.  

Having said that, there’s no way he’s as bad as he’s played lately. No chance. He’s already tied a career high with 18 interceptions against only 15 TDs. I know he’s lacking a legit weapon at receiver but he’s better than that. His confidence may be a bit shaken and he may very well be the reincarnation of Jeff George, but he’s due for a decent game. Lord knows they won’t be able to run the ball.

On the Silver Fox side of the ball, I keep replaying Peanut Tillman stripping over and over and over in my dome. Pardon the Tobias Funke moment — I keep replaying Peanut Tillman stripping ball carriers in my Dome. I would LOVE to have Peanut playing alongside Antoine for the Vikes. Dude has an ungodly amount of forced fumbles for a corner.

In particular I’m worried that Adrian Peterson and his Lil’ Hand Daunte tendencies might get exploited. Couple of quick TOs early putting Cutler and Co. on a short field and we might have ourselves a nice little football game. While I’m on the subject, why do the Queens always seem to end up with such prolific and infamous fumblers. Add up Daunte and AP’s fumbles in the 2000s and it’s astounding — 118 TOTAL FUMBLES!!!!!!!! More balls on the turf than an all-men’s outdoor yoga studio.

No worries though, I’ll be celebrating a Vike’s Dubya by 6:15 this evening. Skol Vikes.

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  1. November 29, 2009 2:32 pm

    Jay Cutler is talented, but he’s not a leader. Until he grows up, the Bears have no chance of going anywhere. I think the Vikes are safe today.

    Nice “Ed Hardy-rockin D-Bags” picture – So much for this being a family blog.


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