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Initial Reactions to Packers vs. Ravens

December 7, 2009

The Good:

Jermichael Finley loves Monday Night Football.

The Packers did a great job of converting on 3rd downs, until the announcers starting pointing it out.

The defense gets the game ball. Again.  They are forcing turnovers, playing aggresively, and keeping their opponent’s star players in check.  Is there anything Charles Woodson cannot do?

Jeremy Kapinos.  I’ve been tough on the guy, but he’s finally starting to look like an NFL punter.

Young players continue to play big roles.  Clay Matthews was all over the place, B.J. Raji looked good, and Brad Jones had his first career sack.  How fitting was it to end the game with a sack by Clay Matthews?

Do you ever hear Josh Sitton’s name?  He’s quietly having a great year.

The Packers’ fans who didn’t let Kelley Washington take a Lambeau Leap.  Washington’s look of disgust said it all.

Aaron Rodgers.  Brett who?

The Bad:

Penalties, penalties, penalties.  This game was a penalty-fest.  However, the Packers benefitted from penalties as well. As Packer Update pointed out, “The Packers finished with 175 penalty yards, but they can’t complain. The questionable PI against Derrick Mason was the play of the game.”

Fullbacks.  They vacillate between looking lost and being ineffective.

Packers’ lack of a running game.  Ahman Green looked pretty good when he was in, but Grant and Jackson need to show up in December.  If this team makes the playoffs, they will have to be able to run the ball.

Mason Crosby.  Maybe Matt Flynn shares some blame for the hold, but Crosby is still accountable.  It was a 38-yard field goal.

Special Teams:  The Packers gain the momentum and then give up a big kick return.  There seems to be a pattern here.

The failure to put away a team when they have them by the jugular.  We saw it against the 49ers and now with the Ravens.  Good teams don’t do this.


At times it looks like the Packers are ready to do some damage in the playoffs.  At other times, this team looks like they have no business even being in the playoff conversation.  Playoffs?  Playoffs?!

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