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Initial Reactions to Vikings vs. Cardinals

December 7, 2009

The Good:

Pat Williams – He was one of the few bright spots.  He was getting penetration and batting balls (I’m going to take the high road and not make a joke here. Wait, I just did.) at the line of scrimmage most of the night.

Percy Harvin continues to make his case for R.O.Y.

The defense held its ground after turnovers.  Two Favre interceptions translated into only 6 points.

The Bad:

The offensive line – This game started with injuries to the offensive line and it was so bad at one point during the first half that Star Tribune writer, Jim Souhan wrote the following on his twitter page:  “Now McKinnie going off. I’d bring in Kleinsasser to block on every play. Forget winning; they have to leave with Favre and Peterson alive.”

The offensive line woes continued all night.  The protection for Favre wasn’t good, particularly on third downs, and the run blocking was horrible.

Speaking of running the ball, Brad Childress abandoned the running game early in this game.  I don’t think this will be highlighted by the media this week, but it was one of the keys of this loss.  When you have Adrian Peterson, you need to give him the ball.  13 carries? You don’t even have to read the rest of the box score to realize the Vikings lost this one.

Special teams:  You can’t give the opposing team good field position after kickoffs and punts and expect to win games. Period.

Brett Favre hasn’t been BrINT Favre all season – Mainly because he hasn’t had to play from behind, and he hasn’t had to win the game by himself. Favre threw his first pick since October 25, and followed it up by a second interception.  As the announcers put it last night, he just didn’t look comfortable.  Credit the Cardinals’ defense; they were the first defense to pressure Favre all year.

There is going to be a lot of criticism of Brett this week. My gut tells me he’ll be just fine for the stretch run into the playoffs. However, it definitely puts doubt into your mind for any given playoff game, doesn’t it?

This week you’re going to see a lot of comments and polls like this and like this.  My suggestion is to do what my dad does after Packers’ losses:  Don’t read the paper.

The injuries speak volumes, and it’s pretty obvious that staying healthy translates into winning in the NFL.  VikingsNow reported that, “Loadholt, McKinnie, Shiancoe and Griffin [were] all injured in some capacity this game. Although they returned, I think OTs are hurting a lot.”  They added that Tyrell Johnson went out as well.

Losing E.J. Henderson hurts. A lot.  He was having a great year and you hate to see his season end like this.  Let’s hope he makes a full recovery and is back for training camp next year. To read more about his injury, follow this link.


The Vikings ran  into a better team tonight.  That’s all there is to it.

Good teams have short memories when it comes to games like this. The Cardinals had a short memory this week after their heartbreaking loss to Vince Young the Titans.

Good coaches make the necessary adjustments and get their team ready for next week. 

We’ll see what happens next week at home against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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  1. Marc permalink
    December 7, 2009 8:03 am

    I read the Star Tribune today-Dad

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