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Initial Reactions to Vikings vs. Giants

January 3, 2010

The Vikings did everything well today.  They offense was firing on all cylinders, Favre looked great, and the defense went out and dominated. 

For all the “Favre can’t play in December” talk, Favre finished the regular season as strong as ever.  Some of the throws he made today were unreal.

Percy Harvin was very involved in the offense today.  The Vikings will need him in the playoffs.

Adrian “all I do is score touchdowns” Peterson ran like he had a chip on his shoulder.  He also scored his 18th touchdown of the year (and no, that’s not a typo, he really scored 18 touchdowns this year).  I’ve said it before, but the Vikings will go as far as Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin carry them.  Favre is playing great, but he can’t do it all by himself any more.

The Vikings got their swagger and confidence back by winning their final home game.  In fact, they won every home game this year.  Watch out for this team in the playoffs, especially if they play at home.

You would think all is well in Viking country; however, Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune offers a different opinion, “… this game gives the Vikings no idea of where they stand going into the playoffs. This is nothing but false sense of security.”

Personal opinions aside, it’s time for the playoffs.  The key to success for any team in the postseason is forcing turnovers, staying healthy, and playing tough defense; the Vikings can do all of these things.  They also have an offense that can put up points with ease.  With no real dominant team in the NFC, the Vikings have all the tools to make this year special.

Finally, for all you Denny Green fans out there (Bueller?…Bueller?) Jim Souhan, also of the Star Tribune, threw you a bone today, “Somewhere Denny Green is smiling. 41-0 redeemed, 10 years later. That’s how it works, right?”

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