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The Rumor Mill

April 5, 2010

That's what she said.

Internet commentary can be entertaining. It can also be racist, moronic, and littered with spelling and grammatical errors.

Whether it be full of love or hate, commentary is what makes writers keep writing. It tells the author that people are reading his or her material. Without commentary an author can see the tumbleweeds blowing by as they continually hit refresh on their site traffic meters.

I regularly read the Rumor Mill over at ProFootballTalk, and when I’m in the mood to see what the football masses are thinking, I’ll occasionally venture into the comment section.

When an author at ProFootballTalk writes a Brett Favre story, they can be assured that people will come out of the woodwork to comment. As a recovering Brett Favre fan, I have learned to not read any Favre “news” between the months of February and July; it’s repetitive, baseless, and really doesn’t mean anything. However, yesterday my father passed along a worthwhile comment by “medic406” on a ProFootballTalk story titled, “Childress on Favre’s return: I don’t know if he’s even thought about it.”

I know that Brett wants to be released from Minnesota so he can join the Bills where he can face off against his old team, the Jets, twice a year and show them what a mistake they made by forcing him out. The Jets really screwed him over. At least that’s what an un-named source that was in line at the supermarket kind of said to another guy who was three people ahead of me. Sounds legit.

This is the kind of commentary I enjoy. It isn’t written in CAPITAL LETTERS, it isn’t hateful, it doesn’t insult anyone, it’s just funny.

My message to commenters: Go for funny and amusing, not stupid and ignorant.

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