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Random Randomness: Packers Edition

April 21, 2010

What could go wrong?

I’ve been a little quiet lately, but I’m cooking with gas now. Two posts in one night!

Here are my thoughts on the draft:

I don’t think the Packers will be drafting anyone in the first round. I don’t know why I think this, but I can’t seem to shake the idea from my mind. I think Ted will revert to his old form and trade down. With this year’s deep draft class, I believe a general manager like Thompson trades away his first pick to get as many players as he can in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. As always, feel free to lambast me if I’m wrong.

Having said that, I think Ted Thompson has about 10-15 players on his board he would absolutely draft if they were available at pick #23. However, I think Ted’s top 10-15 players will probably be gone in the first 20 picks. Surely Ted has thought of this (he’s a good man, and thorough), but what happens if the players the Packers want are all gone and no one wants to trade? I don’t know what Ted does in this situation, but I’m fairly certain the Packers don’t draft the best fullback on the board.

The only thing I know for sure is the Packers come out of this draft with an offensive tackle, a defensive back, and an outside linebacker. Beyond that, who knows. Well, Alex at Packers Lounge knows.

If you want to find me, I’ll be swimming in the waters of Cheesehead Nation for the next few days. What a great time of year this is…until next week, when we all realize that we’re still in the middle of the offseason.

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