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The Week That Was

June 1, 2010

“The Week That Was” is a weekly roundup of Packers, Vikings, and NFL news. The links below are worthwhile reads, unique in content, or simply well-written articles. If there is something I missed, or you have an article that should appear in “The Week That Was,” leave a link in the comments or send me an email. As always, I welcome your feedback.

The Packers had last week off, which was good because the temperatures were in the nineties. The idea is to start off the year hot, just not literally. The scorching temperatures couldn’t stop the Packers news, though. And it won’t stop my bad humor either.

Johnny Jolly’s felony drug possession trial was postponed again. The trial keeps getting delayed, but Jolly is still making news. First the good news: According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jolly passed his latest drug test. The bad news: It was also reported that “Jolly was deceptive on questions related to his bond stipulations.”

Had enough Jolly news? Sorry, I have one more. The Packers renewed their tender offers to Atari Bigby, Johnny Jolly, and Tramon Williams. Why? A technicality in the fine print of the collective bargaining agreement forced the Packers to renew the contract offers. The next key date is June 15th. On that date, the Packers can remove their current offers and pay the players 110% of last year’s salary. Something tells me Jolly’s court date won’t be over by then…

Enough player news, let’s talk about the owners. Packers’ CEO Mark Murphy said he was confident a new collective bargaining agreement would be negotiated in the near future. However, he did tip-toe around the idea of the owners locking out the players, “I see no chance of a strike. If there is a work stoppage, it won’t be a strike.” Hmm…So if there is no strike, but there is a work stoppage, that could only mean the owners would be locking out the players. I’m optimistic that the players and owners will strike a deal before it’s too late, but what do I know?

The Packers will have their second of four Organized Team Activities open to the public tomorrow, June 2nd. The other remaining dates are June 9th and June 16th.

The powers that be have some pretty interesting ideas on how to best expand the space around Lambeau Field. Personally, I can’t see the team going wrong with a brew-pub. What could go wrong with adding a little more beer to the mix at 1265 Lombardi Avenue?

Finally, Mike McCarthy has a press conference scheduled for 10:45 tomorrow morning. Do you think he’ll wish me a happy birthday?

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