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Vikings Sign Ryan Moats & More Questions Arise

June 15, 2010

With the signing of Ryan Moats, the Minnesota Vikings will begin training camp in late July with six running backs. Per, the 6th-year player out of Louisiana Tech, who was a member of the Houston Texans last year, will “add a veteran presence to a position group that includes Toby Gerhart, Ian Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Darius Reynaud and Albert Young.”

They say three’s company, but six is…well, I don’t know what they say about six, but I can assure you the Vikings will not end training camp with six running backs. Who won’t make the cut? Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis StarTribune and Tom Pelissero of ESPN1500 – Twin Cities seem to agree that the only two with guaranteed spots are Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart. When Zulgad was asked if the Moats signing said anything about the Vikings’ feelings about Albert Young or Toby Gerhart, his response was concise:

[It has] nothing to do with Gerhart.

Tom Pelissero provided a little more detail on what the signing meant for Albert Young.

If anyone should take notice, it’s Albert Young. Moats has played in the league. Young got 1st-team work at minicamp but isn’t a lock.

Pelissero also responded to the idea that by signing Ryan Moats the Vikings were sending a message to Adrian Peterson.

Not buying the Moats signing as some sort of message to Adrian Peterson. Moats is a career backup. The Chilly-Philly connection is at play.

Coincidentally, ProFootballTalk had an interesting segment today on Adrian Peterson’s absence from mini camp. Mike Florio believes that Adrian Peterson missed mini camp because he is angling for a new contract. It’s an interesting take on the whole situation, but I don’t know if I buy it. I think the two schedules got mixed up, and there was poor communication between Peterson and Childress. If it’s more than that, I’ll eat my words.

What good will come from all of this? It gives us something to talk about until training camp.


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