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Fair and Balanced?

June 18, 2010

Yesterday I wrote my take on the 18-game season. Today I read an article authored by Doug Farrar, a writer for the Yahoo Sports Blog, “Shutdown Corner” as well as the other websites. His post outlines some of the player’s bargaining points for the upcoming negotiations. Farrar illuminates a point that people either do not know about or do not care to talk about:

The NFL’s current proposal would keep the player’s percentage of Total Revenue at 58%, but importantly, it would reduce the amount of money that is included in the definition of TR by 18%, to allow for certain additional expense deductions.

If I’m reading this correctly, that means the owners want to redefine the pool of money that gets split between themselves and the players. And by “redefine” I mean the owners want more money in their suit pockets. Isn’t that what it’s always about?

I have to admit the owners are doing a wonderful job selling their side of the argument to the fans. The players need to “up their game” as far as public relations goes. Everyone is hearing the owner’s proposals loud and clear, but hardly anyone is talking about what the players want to accomplish. And if they don’t do something about that soon, they’re going to allow themselves to be painted as greedy and selfish. I realize it’s the offseason, but it’s time to get to work gentlemen.

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