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Some Answers 4 Reggie White

July 7, 2010

Since I posted this article about the Packers saying “No Thanks” to Reggie White’s return, a few answers have surfaced.

First, my father gave his take in the comment section:

As I remember , as soon as Reggie announced his retirement, the Packers (Ron Wolf) began planning to retire uniform #92 at a Lambeau ceremony early in the upcoming season (much like the Favre situation). I believe Wolf took him at his word and was thrilled to get the cap space that Reggie’s retirement brought. I don’t remember it being any secret that Reggie was having 2nd thoughts. Wolf, like TT, had a plan and the train only went forward.

Next, C.D. Angeli over at Tundra Vision wrote his take on Reggie White’s legacy back in 2009:

White had gotten himself involved in a couple of politically controversial issues at the end of his Packer career. In March of 1998, he made a speech that was interpreted as being racially stereotyping and earned him a lot of criticism. Later than year, he used the television show 20/20 to comment on his opposition to homosexuality, then appeared in anti-gay ads in newspapers with his Packer uniform, without the consent of the team or the NFL…I do suspect that the Packers weren’t too upset about distancing themselves from White by the time he asked to come out of retirement.

It’s funny how the brain works. When I think of Reggie White, I visualize him trotting around the Superdome hoisting that Lombardi Trophy high over his head. It takes someone else’s memory to recall the not-so-great moments towards the end of Reggie White’s career. Do these memories change my perception of the “Minister of Defense?” To be perfectly honest, the answer is no. I certainly don’t agree with a lot of what Reggie White said and did at the end of his football career, but I choose to remember the good times. I want to remember the Reggie White that put the “Title” back in “Titletown.”

All of this gets me thinking about #4. In ten years, how will I remember Brett Favre?

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