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Tonight On Cheesehead Radio

July 8, 2010

As noted by CheeseheadTV’s newest appendage, Alex Tallitsch, “Cheesehead Radio” will debut tonight, Thursday, July 8th. The show runs from 8:00-9:00pm CDT.

What is Cheesehead Radio? Well, I’m glad you asked. From their website:

Cheesehead Radio is your favorite weekly call-in talk show with your favorite Green Bay Packer bloggers. in conjunction with, CheeseheadRadio features the following Packer bloggers: Alex Tallisch ( C.D. Angeli ( Holly Phelps (, Jersey Al Bracco (

The inaugural episode is called “A New Hope” and should include talk about everything and anything Packers related. The plan is for the show to be a weekly installment, so bookmark the site in order to regularly enjoy the Packer talk.

Why am I writing about Cheesehead Radio? Well, I happen to be the “guest blogger” tonight. I will be listening along with all (three) of you for the first half of the show and then calling in to talk about my website and anything Vikings/Packers related for the second half of the show (I wonder what/who will come up?). I know you’ve all been dying to talk to me, so don’t miss your opportunity!

To listen to the show follow this link to BlogTalkRadio and to be a part of the action call this number: (917) 932-8401

Hope to see you there.

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