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Lazy Day…

July 10, 2010

I’m feeling a little lazy today. I also have a wedding to attend this afternoon. For these reasons, but mostly just because I’m feeling lazy, I don’t expect to post anything today. Having said that, if something HUGE happens, I can assure you I’ll find my way to the back pew in the church, and I’ll be madly typing away on my phone to post the news. It’s an unlikely scenario, but you never know.

Just because I’m feeling lazy today doesn’t mean everyone else in the blogosphere shares my lack of motivation. In fact, there are a couple of folks writing some really good stuff on this Saturday in mid-July. So if you require your daily Packers or Vikings fix, I recommend checking out these sites:


C.D. Angeli over at Tundra Vision posted two thought-provoking articles this morning. The first, “Packers Rebuilding? Not As Crazy As It Sounds” takes a thorough look at the ever-changing face of Ted Thompson’s Packers. The money quote:

And, the day you stop rebuilding, is the day that you start standing still.

The second article, which is titled, “Season Tickets Turnover Picks Up Pace” (say that five times fast), documents just how long it will take C.D. to get his Packers season tickets. Yet, he doesn’t waste time complaining. C.D. is a doer, so he presents his plan for getting tickets in the hands of the 88,831 names currently on the waiting list.

Both articles are worthwhile reads. But you don’t have to take my word for it (or Levar Burton’s). Go check them out yourself.


Ted Glover over at the Daily Norseman conducts a little Q & A aptly titled, “More Lingering Questions For Training Camp.” Glover covers (no pun intended) issues ranging from Adrian Peterson’s fumbling to Bernard Berrian’s groin. It’s part two of a series, so be sure to check out the entire collection.

That’s it for me today (I think). Enjoy your Saturday.

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