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How About A Road Trip?

July 12, 2010

Possibly inspired by the Minnesota Vikings’ 16th annual Ride For Life motorcycle rally, four Minnesotans are planning on riding their motorcycles to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to personally thank Brett Favre for his performance during the 2009 season. One of the bikers, Tood Glocke, plans on making the trip on his “special” motorcycle. The bike is unique because it happens to be the one Vikings mascot Ragnar rides onto the field for home games at the Metrodome.

Are these fans “desperate” as Brad Biggs of the National Football Post described them, to see their star quarterback return next season or are they simply fans who want to say thanks? While Favre is the main draw, the quartet also plans on visiting Favre’s alma mater, Southern Miss, as well as a local watering hole, known as the Broke Spoke, in Favre’s hometown of Kiln, Mississippi.

The biker gang may have to wait around in Hattiesburg for a few extra days to see their beloved quarterback. The trip is schedule to depart from Mall of America Field in Minneapolis on Tuesday morning and arrive in Mississippi on Thursday. However, Brett and Deanna Favre are scheduled to be in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening for the annual ESPY awards.

I’m sure Brett’s public relations people have notified him, and he’ll find a way to meet with the bikers. After all, public relations has always been one of Favre’s strengths. Right Packer fans?

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