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Vikings Will Sign Rookies On Time

July 20, 2010

With training camp a mere 10 days away, one would think the Vikings would have more than 2 of their 8 draft choices under contract. Is Rick Spielman, the man in charge of signing the rookies, worried? Not one bit:

Those will heat up probably even more next week when we get closer to training camp. Most of the deals that we do happen a day or two before training camp starts.

So for all you procrastinators out there, you have a new role model: Rick Spielman. Truth be told, I would love to have his job. But I digress…

The Vikings did not have a first-round draft choice this year; they selected two players in the second round: Chris Cook and Toby Gerhart. Spielman was asked if it was easier to get the rookie contracts done when there is no first-rounder to sign.

I wouldn’t say it’s a lot easier but it’s less complicated than when you’re picking in the top 10 to try to get deals done.

As of today, no player selected in the first-round has signed a contract. The signings will begin to pick up soon, but it’s safe to say some deals simply won’t be done in time for camp. As far as the Vikings go, don’t worry about; Rick Spielman isn’t.


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