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Packers Shareholders Meeting

July 28, 2010

Tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. marks the annual ritual known as the Packers Shareholders Meeting. The meeting takes place inside historic Lambeau Field, and for the first time ever, I will be in attendance. Perhaps because he heard I was coming, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will also be in attendance.

If you’re wondering what happens at the Shareholders Meeting, I’ll be Tweeting some of the more interesting tidbits. You don’t have to be on Twitter to read what I write, in fact, all you need to do is click right here and you’ll be able to follow along at home.

And in response to the comment left by my father today: “What the heck. Isn’t there any Packers news?” My answer is: soon. The Vikings have been stealing most of the headlines lately, but for Packer fans, this is a good thing. The Packers have been steadily signing their draft choices and stealthily staying out of the news. The Vikings, on the other hand, wait until the last minute to sign their picks, so they get all the press in the week leading up to training camp.

And just think, we’ll all be reading about actual practices and preseason games soon. Soon, Dad, soon.

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