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Brett Favre Denies Reports Of Retirement…

August 4, 2010

Free? I'm so there.

As sure as a rooster crowing at sunrise, Brett Favre was back on the Oak Grove High School practice field this morning. And apparently the reports of Brett Favre’s retirement — much like the misreported death of Bill Cosby — were premature. Jim Souhan of the Minneapolis Star Tribune traveled to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to get the story straight from the horse’s mouth.

Brett Favre threw some passes but did not run on his surgically repaired left ankle, and Ed Werder, of the Entertainment Sports Programming Network, described Favre as “hobbling somewhat” on his ankle during the Oak Grove practice.

Jim Souhan, Ed Werder, and a stable of other reporters on hand caught up with Favre and asked about yesterday’s reports of his retirement.

“Favre just said it’s not about money, he hasn’t made a decision yet, and if he’s healthy he’ll play. Says it’s about his ankle,” Souhan wrote on his Twitter account.

Favre also denied texting any teammates, “Favre said he didn’t text teammates that he was retiring. Told Shiancoe said he did, Favre chuckled and said, That’s Shianc. ” noted Souhan.

As Judd Zulgad reported yesterday, this situation seems to be as “fluid” as ever. I suppose we’ll just have to do what we always do with Favre: Wait and see what happens next.

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