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High Hopes & High Expectations

August 30, 2010

Following an unforgettable season where the Minnesota Vikings found themselves one play away from the Super Bowl, quarterback Brett Favre is already beginning to feel the pressure mount as he prepares for this season.

“I don’t know if I can put any more pressure on myself than is already there,” Favre said. “I probably put more than I should, more than I can handle. Especially last year, the better we got, the harder it got.”

Favre has continually cited the mental aspect of the game as the toughest part about coming back each season, and during his 20-year career, he has always placed that pressure squarely on his own shoulders.

With Favre set to turn 41-years-old this season, and with his surgically repaired ankle still bothering him, this year’s offense could rely more heavily on running back Adrian Peterson. Despite his fumbling issues last season, Peterson is still one of the top two running backs in the league.

When Peterson was asked about the Vikings offense, he pointed to the numerous weapons at Favre’s disposal this season.

“With our offense we have so many different weapons. So the ball is going to be moving around with different guys.”

The Vikings defense will continue to hold its own this season, but an offense, which head coach Brad Childress still describes as “in flux,” will have to rise to the occasion again this year. If the offensive unit, specifically, the offensive line, is able to hold it together, the Vikings should be a force to be reckoned with this season. If not, the Vikings could be in for a disappointing year.

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