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Half Dozen Of One, Six Of The Other

September 21, 2010
This article was written by PPGJ contributor Bushytop. I asked for a few thoughts on the Vikings loss to the Dolphins, and this was his reply. Whether you love him, hate him, or want to birth his children, you can exercise your First Amendment rights in the comment section. Enjoy.
  1. Friend of mine said it before the game and it looked true throughout — the Silver Fox just isn’t having fun anymore. Unless he regains his oft mentioned youthful exuberance, he might need to takes his talents back to Hattiesburg. More fake-spike, butt-slap Favre, less somber, looks-like-he’s-feeling-the-effects-of-his-meds Favre. Somebody buy the man a drink.
  2. Curious playcalling all game. Not only the decision to go for it early on 4th down, but also the choice to go into the hurry-up after AP’s leapfrogging of a Dolphin safety. Peterson flashes his game-breaking ability, but Chilly and Co. didn’t allow him an extra moment to catch his breath (and then run someone over). Instead, they try to push tempo and effectively end up losing a down in the red zone. C’mon, man.
  3. Adrian Peterson showed again why he’s Adrian Peterson (see “leapfrog”). Unreal.
  4. Defense continues to show up. Can’t really find any faults with a unit that only gave up a single TD despite ol’ Brett’s turnover bonanza.
  5. Trading Darius Reynaud will haunt us all year. He gave the offense some Harvin-like flexibility (and figured to expand this year with the position switch), but his steady presence in the punt return game is where his value lied. Watching B Twice and Greg Camarillon return punts gives me ulcers. Especially B Twice aka B-List aka B-Gone Next Year, please.
  6. Last thought looks ahead: If the Queens go ahead and make a move for Vincent Jackson, we ought to be careful. Yes, we need him on the field (badly). If we do get him, I have three requests: First, only sign him to a one year deal. This is for many reasons, but mostly because I don’t want this guy long-term. He’s a stopgap. Given his baggage, the historic lack of success that meets receivers switching teams, and the uncertain collective bargaining agreement, this is a must. Second, get him a driver and an apartment downtown next to Envy (obvious reasons). Third, don’t let him near Jared Allen or Bryant McKinnie (see Request #2).
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  1. September 21, 2010 2:17 pm

    i’m still awaiting offers for people to birth my babies (preferably women, but i am open).

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