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Randy Runs & Favre Sits

October 14, 2010

Call it solid coaching or veteran instincts, but when Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss doesn’t know what to do, he runs straight down the field. Moss told reporters after practice on Wednesday that whenever he was unsure of the playcall, he was taught to run a “go” route. (A “go” route is as simple as it sounds: when the ball is snapped, the receiver simply “goes” running straight down the field.)

Given the fact that Moss has only been a member of the Minnesota Vikings for a week, that seems like a pretty solid strategy. NFL playbooks are complicated, but Randy Moss wasn’t traded to Minnesota to run 5-yard slants. He came here to catch floaters like Brett Favre’s 500th touchdown pass on Monday night.

Brett Favre has been waiting his entire career to throw deep passes to Moss; however, Brett Favre’s right elbow may not cooperate with Randy’s route running this week. Favre did not participate in Wednesday’s practice, and told reporter’s that sitting out and allowing the tendinitis in his elbow to heal is an option. Would Favre really put his consecutive start streak in jeopardy?

“I don’t want to play just to play,” Favre said. “It’s kind of a funny injury. It could flare up and get worse.”

Is there really a chance that Brett Favre doesn’t start against the Cowboys on Sunday? I don’t think so. I’d say he’s a “go.”

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  1. Rob permalink
    October 14, 2010 4:05 pm

    Yeah, pretty sure he plays, too. But it seems like it might be a little too late for Favre and Moss. If he’s hurting now can he really keep it up late into January (assuming they make the playoffs). Based on his past history, I suppose he can. But even Favre has to succumb to age at some point. Doesn’t he?

    • October 14, 2010 5:50 pm

      I would never bet against Favre, but maybe this is the year his body finally breaks down.

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