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Monday Morning Aftermath: Green Bay Packers

November 29, 2010

The Green Bay Packers were outmatched on their way to a 20-17 loss to the Atlanta Falcons Sunday.

The Good:

Aaron Rodgers hoisted his team onto his back and led a heroic last-minute drive to tie the game at 17-17. With :56 seconds remaining in the game and the Packers facing a fourth-and-goal from the 10-yard line, Rodgers connected with wide receiver Jordy Nelson in the back corner of the endzone.

Charlie Peprah continues to play at a high level. After finishing the day with 9 tackles, Packer fans are easily forgetting their two injured safeties.

The Bad:

Poor tackling haunted this team all day. Sunday was the first time this defense faced the dangerous combination of an elite quarterback, powerful running back, great tight end, and Pro Bowl wide receiver. The defense held its own for most of the day, but bad fundamentals led to their team’s demise.

Rodgers was great all day, but his first-half fumble came back to haunt the Packers. “That’s what lost the game,” Rodgers said. Although one play rarely decides the fate of an entire game, Rodgers’ fumble certainly changed the momentum of the game and led to a long Falcons touchdown drive.


The Packers played a solid football game, but came up short. They dropped their fourth game of the season by three points or less. The Packers are close, but they are not quite there. I wonder if injuries will catch up with this team and cause the Packers to fold down the stretch, or if they will find that missing link and make a serious run in the postseason. Football teams are made in training camp and the offseason but defined by their performance in December. With 5 games remaining, we will soon find out what this Packers team is made of.

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