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Sidney Rice Is Feeling Good

December 9, 2010

After missing the first nine games of the 2010 season following surgery on his hip, Sidney Rice is quickly regaining his Pro Bowl form.

In his first two games back, Rice was readjusting to his surroundings and hauled in a modest 4 passes for 76 yards. In last Sunday’s blowout win over the Buffalo Bills, however, Rice made his presence known. The fourth-year receiver out of South Carolina led the Vikings receiving corps with 105 yards and 2 touchdowns.

One of Rice’s touchdown catches came on a diving catch where he was covered by two Buffalo defenders. Fans and players alike held their collective breath when Rice landed awkwardly after the catch, but Sidney bounced up off the turf and celebrated his score. When asked if his hip bothered him at all, Rice replied that he’s feeling good.

“I didn’t feel any pain,” Rice said. “I seen on the replay how my leg came all the way up to my shoulder. I was a little surprised. But I didn’t feel any pain and it didn’t bother me after the game so I was happy about that. I saw the replay on the big screen and I was like, ‘All right.’”

The Vikings were quite pleased with Rice’s performance on Sunday, but the former second-round pick said he is yet to return to his 2009 form.

“Not quite. I’m still not there but I’m going to keep pushing, working hard every day in the training room and out here at practice. Hopefully everything continues to progress.”

Regardless of the looming Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Vikings must prioritize re-signing Sidney Rice. If Rice can stay healthy, he has a very bright future ahead of him. The Vikings’ fan base is hoping it’s in Minnesota.

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