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Will Leslie Frazier Be the Vikings Coach Next Season?

December 22, 2010

One way or another, Vikings’ interim head coach Leslie Frazier should be able to shed the “interim” label from his title next season. His people oriented, straight forward, and selfless approach marks a stark contrast to his predecessor, but Frazier isn’t one to live in the past. That simply isn’t his style. Instead, Frazier takes things one game at a time and let’s the future sort itself out.

When asked about his future with the Vikings, Frazier answered in his usual calm, unselfish manner.

“You know what I think about most?” Frazier told reporters in a Tuesday press conference. “Just trying to help our guys find a way to get a win, not so much for me, but for them.”

Frazier is positive, but not overly optimistic. He understands what it takes to be a leader. Perhaps this is best exemplified by his refreshing candor during press conferences. Unlike many head coaches around the league, Frazier shoulders the responsibility for his team and answers the difficult questions. When reporters inquired about the questionable play of safety Madieu Williams in Monday’s game, Frazier did not skirt the issue; he answered openly and honestly.

“We are always trying to make sure we put the best 11 out there and if a guy is falling short, you are always trying to take a look at other players and see if they can help you. We’d explore all avenues if we could. We have seen him make those plays before. We have seen him take better angles and hopefully he will get another chance to go out and do better the next time.”

When asked to tip his hand and reveal which cornerback might fill in for an injured group of safeties, Frazier smiled and replied, “We’ve talked about some different scenarios, and I’ll hold off on that for now.”

When Vikings’ owner Zygi Wilf hired Brad Childress, he was looking for someone to clean up the organization’s image (See: Love Boat) and hold the players accountable. But back in January of 2006, Wilf chose Childress to lead his team, and Childress chose Frazier to lead his defense. Little did he know at the time, but Wilf was one degree removed from the right man for the job. Now that he has a second chance at Frazier, will Wilf be the owner to remove the “interim” label or will he let him slip away to another team?

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