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For the Vikings, the Nighttime is Not the Right Time

December 24, 2010

While I was raking the snow off my roof to ensure it wouldn’t collapse like the home of the Vikings, my neighbor stopped by to talk some football. He mentioned that his team had no chance of beating the Eagles this Sunday because “the Vikings never win at night.”

We discussed previous night games, and neither of us could remember the last time the Vikings won once the sun went down. I told him I would do a little research into his nighttime theory, and it turns out, he’s right. Whether it’s Thursday, Sunday, or Monday, the Minnesota Vikings seem to have trouble winning games played at night. In fact, over the past five seasons the Vikings’ record in night games is a paltry 5 wins and 12 losses. And if the Vikings lose to Michael Vick’s Eagles on Sunday night, it will be loss number 13.

Even in the team’s magical 2009 season, where they finished the regular season with a 12-4 record, 3 out of 4 losses came in the evening. And that NFC championship game loss to the New Orleans Saints? You guessed it, a 5:40 p.m. start time.

Given their history, how do the Vikings’ prospects look for Sunday’s game against the Eagles? Well, not so good. The Vikings will be marching out a rookie third-string quarterback who looked like a deer in headlights in his last appearance, and they haven’t put together a complete football game all season. And just to make matters worse, the start time for the game is 7:20 p.m.

I suppose there is always hope for the Vikings to pull off the upset, however…Maybe weather will delay the game until it can be played in the daylight.


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