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What The Vikings Taught The NFL This Season

December 28, 2010

Whether you believe the NFL postponed the Vikings-Eagles game to Tuesday night because of financial considerations or because “we’re becoming a nation of wussies” the fact remains that the Vikings have given the NFL plenty to think about this offseason.

As Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune sat in his hotel room on an extended Philadelphia stay he had plenty of time to ponder the ramifications of postponing a football game for a forecasted blizzard that turned out to be tamer than expected. From Zulgad:

The league needs to realize it set a very unhealthy precedent when it postponed Sunday night’s game between the Vikings and Eagles, and it needs to consider that it should have been far more upfront about why the game was shifted to Tuesday night instead of Monday. (Just say it was driven by the need to not have head-to-head games on Monday night for television purposes. People aren’t stupid.)

The other lesson from the Vikings season revolves around the injury report. The NFL will surely close a loophole that exists when designating a player’s status for an upcoming game. After quarterback Brett Favre’s status changed from “out” to “doubtful” on the day of the week 15 game versus the Bears, many NFL observers cried foul. On the official NFL injury report, “out” means a player has a 0% chance of playing, and these guidelines are in place in order for teams to be able to set game plans in advance. When the injury report becomes laughable, the hard work a coaching staff puts in all week is wasted.

I’m certain there are more lessons to be learned from the 2010 Vikings (See: Randy Moss, Brad Childress), but those are more specific to the organization itself. Immediately, let’s hope the National Football League learns from these two incidents and continues to work to improve the game for every team.

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