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Sam Shields’ Mysterious Injury: Can The Packers Withstand It?

December 30, 2010

The Packers have had a number of pleasant surprises this year. Numerous backup players have stepped up for injured starters, and rookie Sam Shields has surpassed expectations. The undrafted rookie’s play has been exceptional thus far, and his speed and solid coverage have helped the defense become one of the best in the NFL this season. However, the grind of a 16-game schedule may finally be catching up with the former Miami Hurricane as Shields missed Wednesday’s practice after experiencing pain in his knee.

“I don’t know what happened, to be honest,” said Shields. “After I checked with Doc, he told me to go run on it and see how it feels. I tried to run on it and I couldn’t.”

Packers’ team physician Patrick McKenzie ran stability tests on Shields’ knee and found nothing wrong.

“He said everything was normal,” Shields told reporters. “That’s crazy, isn’t it? He said it could be because I’m not used to a long season, certain parts of your joint might get tired on you. I’ll be good for Sunday though. I’ll be good.”

The Green Bay Packers have overcome injuries all season long; when starters went down, new players stepped up. The cycle of injuries has been stuck on repeat like bad holiday music as fans of the Green and Gold have watched player after player head to the injured reserve list. Their cautious optimism has been rewarded thus far, and the Packers now find themselves one win away from the postseason.

As close as the Packers are to the playoff-promise land, injuries have forced fans to wonder whether or not one more injury could end their hopes.


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