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Packers: Highlight Video & CHTV Audio

January 14, 2011

In the midst of a jam-packed Thursday, I had the pleasure of sitting down and enjoying two similar but different video and audio experiences: The NFL’s Sound Fx and Cheesehead TV’s Packer Transplants. The theme that united both shows was the Packers, but the first was a highlight reel of the Packers vs. Eagles on Wild Card weekend, and the second was two of the finest in Packers’ fandom discussing the playoffs with fans, writers, and family.

No matter which team you were rooting for last weekend, the Packers vs. Eagles was a great football game. And the NFL’s Sound Fx aptly captured the thrills and throes of the game. (Click here to watch the 5-minute video.) I’ve watched the video three more times since yesterday, and the more I watch it, the more I appreciate the rare sneak-peak into the trash-talking, quick decision making, and overall speed of the game.

After watching the highlights, Cheesehead TV’s Packer Transplants was the perfect mid-week show to break down the victory and preview the Falcons game. Packer Transplants is run by the founding members of Cheesehead TV, Corey Behnke and Aaron Nagler. Available on their website or archived on iTunes, the live-show airs on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 p.m. CDT. The guests range from Packers players to NFL writers, and between the viewer comments on the live-blog and the witty and sharp banter of Behnke and Nagler, it’s the perfect end-cap to an extended weekend of football.

Due to conflicting schedules, the latest episode, “Their Eyes Were Watching James Starks” aired Thursday evening. In the show’s history, the duo of Behnke and Nagler have interviewed a plethora of Packers’ players and NFL writers. Ranging from Jermichael Finley to Leroy Butler to Adam Schefter, the show’s popularity knows no bounds, but yesterday’s “mystery guest” topped all other interviewees.

Thursday’s guest was none other than Behnke’s great Aunt Gert. And Gert did not dissapoint. She recalled attending games at Green Bay’s “East Stadium” when the women all wore heels to the game and the men donned suits. And if those memories weren’t enough, she even retold her experience of attending the Ice Bowl. The entire show is well worth your time, but if nothing else, click the above link and listen to Aunt Gert retell her favorite Packers’ memories (Aunt Gert comes on at about the 1-hour mark after Greg Bedard and Gregg Rosenthal but before Tom Silverstein).

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  1. bushytop permalink
    January 14, 2011 12:12 pm

    “their eyes were watching james starks” is too funny to me.

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