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How Many Points Will The Packers Need To Beat The Bears?

January 18, 2011

The title of this post was an email from my father. I had my initial hunch, but thought I would take to the Twitterverse to see what Packer Nation was thinking on the subject.

I received a multitude of answers; some were hopeful, some were analytical, and some were snarky. When I asked how many points the Packers would need, I immediately received a few, “one more than the Bears” responses. However, most answers were less comical. Here are a few ideas of what it will take for Green Bay to escape the Windy City with a victory.

Rahim (@RahimT12), who was one of the “one more than the Bears” responders, says 24 points will do it..

John (@Asshalo), a Packer fan who hails from Chicago, thinks it depends on Chicago’s special teams.”20 does it if Chicago’s special plays at their average; 25 or more if Hester gets a touchdown.”

Cheesehead TV’s Jayme Lee (@jaymelee1) thinks “somewhere in the 20s” while Willwaukee (@Willwaukee) pinpointed a more exact number. “I think the magic # is 21,” he said.

Every point total I received in response was more than the Bears scored in week 17 (3 points) against the Packers, and most answers would have been enough to beat Chicago back in week 3 (20 points).

My guess? I’m with Willwaukee; 21 should do it. Apparently, my father has more faith in the Packer defense than I do. “I was thinking 18,” he wrote.

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