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Tramon Williams: Young, Humble, & Talented

January 19, 2011

Including his stellar postseason play, Green Bay Packers’ cornerback Tramon Williams has 9 interceptions this season. He has quietly become a steady and consistent force in the Packers’ defensive backfield. Yet, it wasn’t always this way for Williams

As Lori Nickel of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel explains, Tramon Williams’ road to NFL stardom was no accident; it took a lot of hard work.

Williams had six regular-season interceptions and then three more in two playoff wins at Philadelphia and Atlanta. He estimates half of them were the result of his raw talent or instinctive ability to make a play. The other half was the result of work.

“I’ve always put effort into studying,” said Williams. “I study about three different ways. Each way you learn something different. That’s what’s been helping me out.”

It also doesn’t hurt to have the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, and fellow film-study extrordinaire, Charles Woodson as your teammate. Woodson is known around Green Bay for teaching his teammates to use their film-study time more efficiently.

Williams’ work ethic was rewarded with a $33 million dollar contract extension this November. Not bad for an undrafted free-agent who spent his first season with the Packers on the practice squad. The extension currently makes him the fourth highest paid player on the Packers, only trailing Aaron Rodgers, Charles Woodson, and Greg Jennings.

And the scariest part for wide receivers around the league is the fact that Tramon Williams is still getting better.

“The smartest players in this league are always the your best players,” said head coach Mike McCarthy. “Tramon’s the guy that’s always in the front row with his book taking the notes. He’s been doing that since he arrived. He has a total understanding of the defensive system. What’s exciting about Tramon: He still has a lot of football growth in his game ahead of him. He’s still relatively young.”


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