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Anybody Want Free Super Bowl Tickets?

January 25, 2011

The Dallas Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has embarked on a rather intriguing experiment showcasing the power of social media. Driven by Packers and Steelers bloggers, the Visitor’s Bureau intends to give away the ultimate Super Bowl vacation package. All it takes is a willingness to approach a complete stranger and say a few words to him.

The Dallas Convention & Visitor’s Bureau is giving away two tickets to the Superbowl, along with 4 nights accommodation, $500 towards travel and tickets to the NFL Experience.  Full contest details can be found on their Facebook Fan Page at


A Mystery Man will wander the streets of Green Bay all weekend between 9am and 7pm, starting Friday. To win, the winner must be the first person to find him and say the secret phrase.  The secret phrase can only be found on the Visit Dallas Facebook Page.

More details can be found on the Dallas Convention and Visitor’s Bureau’s Facebook page, but check back on Purple Pants, Green Jersey this week as we will be providing tips to the mystery man’s exact whereabouts in Green Bay. We will receive the “exclusive clues” prior to the weekend, and then pass them along to you via this blog and my Twitter account (@MaxGinsberg).

If you have been looking for a way to make it to Arlington, Texas on February 6th, but just can’t come up with the cash, this may be your best ticket. Check the Visit Dallas Facebook page for the secret phrase and come back to Purple Pants, Green Jersey all week for clues to the mystery man’s location. Good luck.


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