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Behind The Scenes: The People Who Build The Packers

January 27, 2011

In a superb write-up of Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson, ESPN-Milwaukee’s Jason Wilde documents Thompson’s low-key style of rule. A testament to his humility and perseverance, not once in his six-year tenure has Thompson wavered from his beliefs and approach towards building a championship team.

“I’m very satisfied that we won the game (but) I don’t take any personal satisfaction with the way we do things,” said Thompson after his team defeated the Bears in the NFC Championship game. “Because we do things the way Ron Wolf taught us to. Everybody that works in our personnel department was tutored under Ron Wolf, including myself. So we’re just doing our job.”

From players, to public relations, to personnel staff, the old adage rings true – it takes a village. It takes a village to scout the players coming out of college, to maintain the offseason programs, to bring in high-character and talented backups when your starters are lost to injury, and it takes a village to make the difficult, albeit unpopular, decision to move on without a quarterback who has finally worn out his welcome.

A friend sent along Eliot Wolf’s biography the other day. Eliot is the son of former general manager Ron Wolf and currently serves as assistant director of pro personnel. Eliot is a prime example of the kind of people it takes to run a successful franchise.

…Eliot’s scouting career unofficially began at age 10, when he joined his father in film sessions at Lambeau Field.

Since then, Eliot has grown up to be a vital cog in the Packers scouting and draft process. And Eliot Wolf is just one of many behind-the-scenes employees that have made the Green Bay Packers a force in this league. So continue to praise Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews — they certainly deserve it — but remember to thank the scouts, assistants, and others in the front-office whose tireless work is every bit as important to the Packers’ Super Bowl run.

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