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Ron Wolf On Ted Thompson’s Packers

January 28, 2011

When Ron Wolf speaks, Packers fans listen. During his tenure as Packers general manager, Wolf’s eye for identifying talent was as good as Reggie White’s ability to get to the quarterback. It was Wolf’s keen intuition that led the Packers to trade away a first-round draft pick for a little known, third-string quarterback back in 1992. Wolf has now taken his rightful place in Packers lore as one of the men directly responsible for returning the Lombardi Trophy to Titletown.
Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reached Wolf by phone and asked about the team’s current general manager, Ted Thompson. An authority on the subject, Wolf praised Thompson’s style and eye for talent.
“When you look at what you have to do to be successful, just look at what Ted did when he came in there,” Wolf said. “He built that team up.”
Wolf went on to speak highly of specific players on a Packers’ defense that was ranked number two in the league this season.
“Adding Charles Woodson and Ryan Pickett (in free agency) improved his defense at least three-fold. I don’t think Pickett gets near the due he deserves for the overall impact he has had on that team.”
“And Woodson is a Hall of Fame player, an incredible player. People say he’s slipping, but there are 31 other teams out there who would like the guy. The fact he’s sitting out there and you’re able to get him, that’s how you start a team.”
But Wolf saved his most effusive praise for a player who won’t even be appearing in Super Bowl XLV, injured tight end Jermichael Finley.
“What a loss that was,” he said. “That guy is capable of doing things at that position that very few people have done. He’s easily a [perenniel Pro Bowler]. No question.”
Silverstein pointed out that Thompson’s first two moves – using a number one pick on a quarterback and then acquiring a future Hall of Fame player through free agency – closely mirrors those of Ron Wolf.
Packers fans are hoping that Thompson can emulate another one of Wolf’s moves – a Super Bowl victory.

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