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Clay Matthews Is Runner-Up For Defensive Player Of The Year

February 1, 2011

Despite Newsday columnist Bob Glauber’s vote and and false proclamation, Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews did not win the Associated Press’ Defensive Player of the Year award. Instead, the accolade went to a different player who will be appearing in Sunday’s Super Bowl, Troy Polamalu.

Decided by a panel of 50 media members, Matthews finished with 15 votes, two votes behind Polamalu’s 17. The remaining ballots were divided up between five players: Steelers LB James Harrison (8), Bears DE Julius Peppers (6), Bears LB Brian Urlacher (2), Ravens S Ed Reed (1) and Ravens NT Haloti Ngata (1).

It doesn’t appear that Matthews will lose any sleep over missing out on the award. He said it would have been a “unique honor” to win in just his second year in the league, but his focus remained on his team becoming “world champions.”

Although winning the award would have nice for Matthews, I’d say he has his priorities in order.

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  1. February 2, 2011 1:22 pm

    Nice post. I don’t think though that Troy Polamalu deserved the defensive player of the year. I’m not saying that Troy Polamalu doesn’t mean a lot to his team, as he means possibly as much as any player in the NFL. However, on a one year type of thing, Clay Matthews probably should have gotten the award, especially since Troy Polamalu missed a couple of games due to injury. One or two memorable/outstanding plays during a season that stick in people’s memories should not blind you to facts around. Just because someone is incredibly important to their team does not necessarily mean that they had the better single season of greatness comparatively.


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