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How The “Favre Drama” Brought The Packers Front Office Closer Together

February 2, 2011

The spectacular play of quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been enough to validate the Green Bay’s decision to jettison Brett Favre back in 2008, but team president Mark Murphy gave reporters another reason at Super Bowl XLV’s media day. He said the entire, drawn-out process solidified his relationship with general manager Ted Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy.

USA Today’s Sean Leahy reported that Murphy said the Packers will “reach out” to Brett Favre at “the appropriate time”, but Leahy missed the bigger story. Packers fans have always known that Favre will eventually be welcomed back and his number will be displayed at Lambeau Field, but the revelation from Murphy was what came out of his mouth next.

“One of the benefits [of the Favre decision] was that early on in my tenure, it forced Ted and myself and Mike to really come together on an issue,” Murphy said of the decision to trade Favre to the New York Jets. “I think looking back on it now, it’s been really positive in terms of the relationship and how we all work together.”

So not only can Packers fans thank Favre for bringing Green Bay a world championship in 1996 with his play on the field, but they can also find solace in the fact that his off-the-field drama contributed to solidifying the front office that was responsible for bringing the Packers back to the Super Bowl in 2011.

Murphy’s final comment reflects the collective sigh that he and the rest of Packers nation breathed when Rodgers took over.

“I’m really glad Aaron is a good player.”

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