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Metrodome To Be Fixed, Vikings Still Want A New Stadium

February 11, 2011

With the Minnesota legislature back in session, the push for a new Vikings stadium is in full swing. And on Thursday the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission announced that they will replace the entire roof of the Metrodome rather than replace each damaged panel.

The Vikings responded with a statement that basically says, thanks but no thanks.

The Minnesota Vikings support the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission’s (MSFC) decision to replace the Metrodome’s damaged roof. We appreciate the MSFC’s efforts to ensure a safe environment for all year-round users of the publicly-owned stadium, and we are pleased the Vikings will be able to play in front of our fans at Mall of America Field during the final season of the team’s lease agreement.

The Vikings also want to be clear that the MSFC’s decision to replace the roof is not a long-term stadium solution and does not change the urgency to build a new multi-purpose stadium for the State and the Vikings. The Metrodome still ranks at the bottom of the NFL in terms of revenue and fan experience. It is our intent to pursue the final passage of legislation during this year’s legislative session to finance and construct a new stadium, and we are encouraged by the progress on that front.

This public posturing is all part of the negotiations process, and in the end, I believe an agreement will be reached so that the Vikings will not follow in their former basketball cousin’s footsteps and become a Los Angeles based team.

Where that new stadium will be remains to be seen. The latest reports place a new stadium in the suburb of Arden Hills, but others maintain that the Metrodome will be demolished and a new stadium will rise from its ashes.

Either way, this process could take a while. Have faith Vikings fans, one way or another you’ll be watching your team play in Minnesota for the foreseeable future.

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