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4th & 5 And You Test Tramon Williams?

February 14, 2011

Teams rarely — if ever — review tape from Super Bowl losses. I imagine the loss stings too badly and the reflection would not help the team going forward.

One team source did review the final play of Super Bowl XLV, however. Speaking on the condition to anonymity to Pro Football Weekly, the source questioned the Steelers’ final play call.

I was very surprised that on 4th-and-5, the Steelers decided to throw to the guy Tramon Williams was covering. They had one healthy cornerback to avoid and that is the way they throw? It was a great play by Williams. If I were (Steelers offensive coordinator) Bruce Arians, that would have been the last thing I said — avoid throwing No. 38’s way. He was hands down the most improved defensive player in the NFL this year.

Personally, I felt it fitting that the Packers’ unsung hero made the final play and sealed the victory for his team. Williams carried his team through the postseason — just ask Michael Vick or Matt Ryan — and the final pass breakup epitomized what Williams has meant to his defense all season long.

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  1. February 14, 2011 1:50 pm

    I feel like teams should go over their tape from big games (even if they lost) How you play in the big games and teach you a lot. Like how you deal with nurves, whether or not you are really the best. Or even if you made a really stupid through…. I questioned the play above too.

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