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Sidney Rice Takes On China

February 17, 2011

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Sidney Rice doesn’t appear to be too worried about the threat of a lockout. In fact, he’s taking a vacation. And for his first trip outside of the United States, Rice has decided to bring his talents to Beijing, China. In a post on his blog yesterday, Rice detailed his itinerary and how his 6-foot-4 frame may turn a few heads.

We’re also going to have a one-day football camp over there. I’ll sign a couple autographs. I don’t think anybody’s going to want an autograph because I’m in the NFL. They might want it just because I’m tall.

We’ll teach them the basics of American football. I’m excited to teach Chinese kids new things about the sport. They’re up on the basketball, now it’s time to introduce them to the pigskin.

And while the Vikings’ front office mulls over utilizing the franchise tag on him, Rice seems to be undeterred by his contract or the labor situation. His focus is on football and globe trekking. Rice says his travel plans also include a trip to Africa in April.

Maybe this is the best approach to the whole labor unrest. Take a vacation and let the powers-that-be sort it all out.

Do you think Sidney has an extra plane ticket?


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