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James Jones Says He Was Tendered

March 7, 2011

Given his usual prudence and foresight, it seemed odd that Packers’ general manager Ted Thompson did not place a tender offer on fourth-year wide receiver James Jones. Well, it turns out that Thompson did place a tender on Jones; he just didn’t tell anyone.

Our friends over at Cheesehead TV reported on Sunday that Jones told the ABC affiliate in Green Bay, WBAY, that he received a tender offer from the Packers. Jones declined to comment on any specifics of the offer.

The Packers’ media, blogosphere, and twitterverse has been abuzz with speculation as to why Jones was not offered a tender, but as always, Ted Thompson quietly went about his business and did not concern himself with any rumors.

A new CBA may or may not include a provision allowing fourth-year players like Jones to become unrestricted free agents. If the CBA reverts to its 2010 form, fourth-year players would be restricted, and the Packers would have the right to match any contract another team offers to Jones. However, contracts of any sort cannot be discussed, offered, or signed until a new CBA is in place.

With all the confusion and misinformation surrounding tenders offered by the Packers, I wonder how many calls, texts, and voicemails fourth-year running back Brandon Jackson has gotten in the last 24 hours?

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