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Ray Edwards Is Ready For The Ring

March 10, 2011

As the NFL and NFLPA slug it out in the mediation room, Vikings’ defensive end Ray Edwards is taking a different approach to the same metaphor. Edwards is considering a career in boxing should the 2011 NFL season be delayed.

“Right now, it all depends on where I am at in my career,” said the 6-foot-5, 260-pound Edwards. “If the lockout goes to August and I’m moving up in the ring, then different things can happen. There is a lot of money in boxing, just as there is in football. It becomes a numbers game after that.”

The sixth-year defensive end has only been boxing for four months, but Edwards’ trainer and manager, Jeff Warner, is already hyping him.

“Ray will be the first to come from pro football as a starter and destroy the heavyweight division. Ray is a phenom,” said Warner. “He’s a modern-day Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson combined. He’s the greatest conditioned heavyweight ever and he’ll knock out any fighter in the world. No one looks like Ray, no one moves like Ray and no one works like Ray.”

Whether or not Edwards “destroys the heavyweight division” remains to be seen, but the longer the CBA is unresolved, the more likely it becomes that we will see Edwards in the ring.

Amidst all this uncertainty, one thing is clear; Edwards sounds as fiery and competitive in the ring as he does on the field.

“My goal is to be a world champion and bring heavyweight boxing back to the United States.”

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