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Vikings’ Mike Priefer & Lester Bagley Confident The CBA Will Get Resolved

March 17, 2011

If dedication to a 168-hour work week is a prerequisite for NFL coaches, new Vikings’ special teams coordinator Mike Priefer is destined for greatness.

While meandering through Vikings facilities late Wednesday evening, I bumped into Priefer. The former Navy helicopter pilot welcomed me into his office as he looked up from his playbook. When asked what he was doing so late on a weekday in the middle of the offseason, he replied that he was getting to know the NFC North.

“I’m learning the playbook,” Priefer replied. “I haven’t played the division since 2007.”

Priefer’s last NFL stop was in Denver where his family still resides. They plan to join him in Minnesota this summer.

I asked the Naval Academy graduate how he’s approaching the offseason in light of the lockout, and he said that he was going about business as usual. “You have to,” he reiterated.

Those same sentiments are shared by Vikings’ Vice President of Public Affairs Lester Bagley. Bagley characterized the CBA as a “short-term” problem.

“It will get resolved,” Bagley told a group gathered at Vikings facilities on Wednesday. “It’s a short-term issue. The real deadline on work stoppage is September when a game is missed. The CBA will get resolved.”

Football or no football, Priefer is putting in the time to ensure he will be ready for football next season…whenever it may begin.

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