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Packers Players To Lose Offseason Workout Bonuses?

March 19, 2011

In Friday morning’s post, I detailed some of the Vikings that may lose their workout bonuses due to the lockout. published a list of the top workout bonuses, and as Brandon at Acme Packing Company points out, there are a number of Packers high on that list.

  • Aaron Rodgers – $500,000
  • Greg Jennings – $300,000
  • Ryan Grant – $250,000
  • Donald Driver – $200,000
  • Ryan Pickett – $200,000
  • Nick Barnett – $150,000

These six players — and many other players with smaller workout bonuses — have language written into their contracts stating they must attend 85% of offseason workouts. The longer the lockout lasts, the less practices they must attend, but also the fewer workouts they can miss.

Ultimately, this all equates to further obstacles to overcome when determining the makeup of a new collective bargaining agreement.

In a bit of good news, National Football Post’s Andrew Brandt doubts the labor mess will make it to the courts.

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