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Super Bowl Rings, White House Visit On Hold

March 29, 2011

It’s a good thing that Packers head coach Mike McCarthy had his players fitted for their Super Bowl rings the night before the big game. If he hadn’t, the delay to wear the new jewelry would be even longer.

With the current NFL lockout, next season is on hold. But there are a few loose ends from last season that are also in a state of limbo. Specifically, the Packers are still waiting to make their official visit to the White House and to receive their Super Bowl rings.

Lori Nickel of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes that the last time the team won the Super Bowl, they visited the White House in May and received their rings in June. Although mimicking that schedule again this year is not completely out of the question, Nickel cited a Packers spokesman as saying the lockout translates to “no definite plans” for designing the ring, receiving the ring, or visiting President Obama.

It appears that Woodson’s proclamation of going to visit the President is on hold, but football should be back. Just ask Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams who “guaranteed” there would be football next season.

So football fans have that going for them…Which is nice.

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