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Vikings & Packers Official Draft Order

April 1, 2011

The NFL has released its official draft order for April’s annual event. Despite a lockout, the draft will go on as scheduled. After the draft, however, players will not be able to sign contracts with teams and teams will not be able to sign undrafted free agents until a new CBA agreement is reached.

Each team has nine picks in the 2011 NFL Draft:


  • 1st Round – 12th overall
  • 2nd Round – 11th in round, 43rd overall
  • 4th Round – 9th in round, 106th overall
  • 5th Round – 8th in round, 139th overall
  • 5th Round – 19th in round, 150th overall (From New York Giants)
  • 6th Round – 7th in round, 172nd overall
  • 6th Round – 35th in round, 200th overall (*Compensatory pick)
  • 7th Round – 13th in round, 215th overall
  • 7th Round – 35th in round, 236th overall (*Compensatory pick)


  • 1st Round – 32nd overall
  • 2nd Round – 32nd in round, 64th overall
  • 3rd Round – 32nd in round, 96th overall
  • 4th Round – 32nd in round, 129th overall
  • 4th Round – 34th in round, 131st overall (*Compensatory pick)
  • 5th Round – 32nd in round, 163rd overall
  • 6th Round – 32nd in round, 197th overall
  • 7th Round – 1st in round, 204th overall (From Carolina Panthers)
  • 7th Round – 32nd in round, 233rd overall

*Compensatory picks cannot be traded

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