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Defining What The Packers Look For In The Draft

April 20, 2011

Lori Nickel of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article Tuesday documenting the personality traits the Packers look for when doing their pre-draft homework. Nickel crafts her piece by breaking down what sort of characteristics players from each position should possess. You can find the entire article right here, but the quote I was interested in found itself on the editing room floor.

Thankfully, the Journal Sentinel has a blog. Nickel posted additional interview transcripts from general manager Ted Thompson, director of college scouting John Dorsey, assistant head coach Edgar Bennett, and others on the blog Wednesday.

One quote that particularly struck me was from John Dorsey. When talking about the personality tests the Packers have conducted for the last decade, he defines what has become Ted Thompson’s draft-day mantra of drafting “football players.”

“Does he see himself as a football player above all else?” said Dorsey.

People throw around the term “Packer People” an awful lot, but the more I watch and learn about what Ted Thompson does, Dorsey’s statement seems to be a more appropriate motto for Thompson’s Packers. So when the Packers draft a player that you’ve never heard of in next week’s draft, know that Ted Thompson and company have done their due diligence.

And remember, Thompson is looking for football players.


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