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Vikings’ E.J. Henderson: “Everyone’s Planning To Play In September”

April 21, 2011

KSTP News in Minneapolis caught up with Vikings’ linebacker E.J. Henderson on Wednesday as he worked out in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Henderson told the local ABC affiliate that he’ll be ready to go when football starts in September. (Click here to watch the minute-long video report.)

“You don’t wanna come in being that guy,” Henderson said. “You know, that guy who’s out of shape because we were locked out.”

The ninth-year veteran added that everyone is planning on business-as-usual when fall rolls around.

“I think everyone’s planning to play in September,” the Vikings’ captain said. “Who knows what will happen in between then, though.”

I have to agree with him. If the lockout actually reaches the point of canceling football games in September (which I don’t think it will), this whole mess will get sorted out right away. One thing the players and owners can agree on is not wanting to lose all the money generated on Sundays.

In the meantime, however, I’m with E.J., who knows?

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