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No Legislative Love For A New Vikings Stadium

April 27, 2011

Lost in the excitement of stakeouts and court rulings was the (lack of) action taking place at the Minnesota legislature this week where two big players in the stadium debate dealt blows to the Vikings.

First, Governor Mark Dayton, who has been a vocal supporter of a new stadium, told Minnesota Public Radio that the Vikings would likely have to pay more than the already committed one-third cost of building a new stadium.

“I think somewhere between a third and a half, probably closer to between 40 and 50 percent … because I think that’s an appropriate share,” Dayton told host Kerri Miller.

As the Governor revealed a more difficult path towards financing a Vikings stadium, the actual bill got delayed at the Capitol. Representative Joyce Peppin, who chairs the committee responsible for moving the bill, said she would not introduce the bill this week because it would “take a lot of time.”

“I’m not going to kill the bill here,” Peppin said. “It has to come through this committee so, you know, we’ll give it a shot at this committee. . .[but] I don’t think we’ll get it in this week.”

Peppin added that she doesn’t know when the bill will be heard but said, “we’ll see what happens.”

As the prospect of a new stadium continues to fade with only 27 days left in the current legislative session, Vikings fans are beginning to wonder if  “what happens” equates to watching more games in the Metrodome.

Or worse yet, losing their team altogether.
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