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New Packers’ Tight End D.J. Williams Celebrates At The Golden Arches

May 2, 2011

If you don’t know Packers’ tight end D.J. Williams’ backstory, Tom Oates of provides a quick synopsis of his grim past.

For years, Williams’ father created an atmosphere of domestic violence, guns and crack cocaine in the house. When Williams was 11, his mother finally had enough and moved the family from Dallas to Little Rock, Ark., where they could be free of a man who is currently serving a 25-year prison sentence for attempted murder.

Williams’ tale was recently featured on an ESPN documentary after Disney awarded the former Arkansas Razorback its annual Spirit Award for college football’s “most inspirational player.”

After a dark past, it’s finally time for Williams to turn his focus to a blossoming NFL career.

When the lockout finally ends, Williams will join a crowded group of tight ends in Green Bay. The 6-foot-2 Williams is smaller than the other tight ends on the roster, but his versatility and playmaking ability should add a new wrinkle to an already potent offense. But all that will have to wait until the owners and players resolve their labor differences.

So how does one of the newest Packers celebrate hearing his name called on draft day? By going to the Golden Arches.

“Since there’s an NFL lockout, I’m currently still unemployed and I have no job with no money, maybe McDonald’s,” Williams said.

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