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Ray Edwards Sounds Like He’s Done In Minnesota

May 20, 2011

NFL players are lining up all kinds of alternative work during the lockout. From tending bar to roofing, players are finding temporary ways to pay the bills. Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards, however, is pursuing a possible career change.

“It all depends on what route is taking place,” Edwards told 1500 ESPN Twin Cities. “I’ve openly said I won’t play for the Vikings, because of the simple fact of my backup is getting paid 70 more percent than I am — there’s no way I can do that to myself. I’d rather do what I love doing. I love doing football as well. But if there’s nobody that’s going to trade for me, I will be definitely focusing on boxing.”

The backup that Edwards is referring to is Brian Robison, who recently signed a 3-year, $14.1 million dollar contract. Edwards said that “he is happy” for Robison and understands it’s a “numbers situation” but added that he “was always that odd man out” of the Vikings’ plans.

Edwards is one of those fifth-year NFL players who find themselves in a state of contractual limbo. He may become an unrestricted free agent when the lockout ends, or the league may revert to 2010 rules, forcing him into restricted free agency and a return to the Vikings.

If Edwards examines the financial numbers of a career in boxing, he surely cannot be serious about foregoing his football career. But in light of his recent comments, things could get pretty awkward if his contractual rights are returned to the Vikings.

If Edwards finds himself as a restricted free agent once again, the 26-year-old may get his wish to be traded, or he may be making plans for an extended holdout from the Vikings. Either way, I don’t see Edwards playing another down for the Vikings.

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