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Matthews, Allen, & Cooper Working The Mixed Martial Arts

June 8, 2011

Who says the Packers players aren’t working out during the offseason?

In fact, Packers linebacker Clay Matthews is one of the few NFL players going up against a division rival. Green Bay’s Matthews, Minnesota’s Jared Allen, and Minnesota’s Jon Cooper are among a handful of NFL players working on their mixed martial arts skills with reporter/trainer Jay Glazer.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times writes that Glazer’s workouts are helping “the players use their bodies in a more brutal and efficient way.”

In addition to helping control the line of scrimmage, Matthews says the workouts push his body in ways weightlifting cannot.

“In weightlifting, you have some time to relax, catch your breath, and then get after it with another set,” said Matthews. “But with MMA, you have a guy that’s pushing on you for a three- to five-minute round. It’s always wearing on you so that mentally you have to push yourself beyond any place that you’ve been to before.”

During a normal NFL summer, fans would be arguing whether or not offseason activities are beneficial. But during the lockout, fans (and sports analysts) are arguing the merits of individual vs. group workouts.

The theme here is that no one knows what they’re talking about. The players are going to be just fine, and I’m willing to bet the Packers are going to be more than fine. With this team’s talented coaching staff, I wouldn’t get together without them either.

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