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Ryan Longwell Pleased To Stay Purple

August 8, 2011

Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell knows all about change. In 2005, after nine seasons with the Green Bay Packers, Longwell crossed the St. Croix River and signed a contract with the rivaled Minnesota Vikings. Six seasons later, Longwell is happy to be continuing his tenure in Minnesota.

“[I] wanted to be here,” Longwell said in an interview after Saturday’s Family Football Night. “There’s no doubt about it, but you just never know how it’s gonna work out.”

He added that he “was hopeful” the Vikings would offer him a new contract and pleased when he found out the feeling was mutual.

“[The Vikings] called us the first second they could, and so it showed a lot that they wanted to keep us. And it was just a matter of a couple days of getting the deal done.”

Not only did Longwell’s new contract keep him in Minnesota, it also kept the all-important kicking-team trio – kicker, holder, and long snapper – together.

“We have something special with (Chris) Kluwe and Cullen (Loeffler) with my snapper and holder being back, and the three of us being together for the sixth year in a row, so we just wanted to continue the stuff and getting better that we’ve been doing,” said Longwell.

Longwell, a fifteen-year veteran, has been to his fair share of training camps. When asked about Leslie Frazier’s first camp, Longwell had nothing but praise for the Vikings new head coach.

“I tell you what, it’s just so pleasant to be around a team and a head coach that’s just so focused, no frills,” Longwell said as the more than 9,000 fans in attendance cheered on the Vikings training camp squad. “When he speaks, it’s really from the heart, and it’s what he wants to get across. And so the guys are following in line, the guys really believe in what he’s doing. And, you know, I think it will be good things coming because of how passionate he is.”

Longwell chuckled when I told him I run a Packers-Vikings blog, but given his history, he is in a position to understand the rivalry better than anyone. When asked about the differences and similarities between Green Bay and Minnesota, the Packers all-time leading scorer had nothing but good things to say about both teams.

“Well, the fan base is just so passionate in both places,” Longwell explained. “And it’s totally different; [In] Minnesota, obviously there’s a lot bigger cities, there’s a lot more things going on. And [in] Green Bay, I mean, when you’re a Packer, you’re a Packer 24 hours a day, year round, which is pretty special as well.”

The Vikings kicker paused as he further considered the differences between Wisconsin and Minnesota. When he continued, his genuine appreciation for both teams shone through.

“They’re totally different and totally the same, which is hard to quantify and hard to explain, but I’ve certainly been blessed to be on both sides of the rivalry and see it like not many people get to.”

With his right leg already having decided the outcome of a Vikings-Packers game on more than one occasion, Longwell is poised to keep the rivalry going strong for years to come.

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