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“America’s Game” To Provide Insight Into Rodgers’ Early Years

August 23, 2011

The National Football League penetrates American culture so deeply, its tentacles ensnare fans from all walks of life. There are fanatics who analyze every detail of the game while others simply prefer the intoxicated comradery of a Sunday afternoon with friends. And while most fans find themselves somewhere in the middle, there are always outliers; there are always haters.

According to NFL Films Dave Douglas, who was a senior producer for “America’s Game: 2010 Green Bay Packers”, Aaron Rodgers’ interview told of the Super Bowl season, getting along with Brett Favre and the level of vitriol from a usually faithful fan-base that rattled the otherwise calm quarterback early in his career.

“I won’t tell you specifically what he said, we all know (his) first year with Brett Favre was horrible,” said Douglas via Bob Wolfley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “It improved significantly over the next two. They realized the situation and found a way to co-exist. You’d think once Brett left and that A-Rod was finally handed the controls, life could begin anew. But the reaction he got from some of the fans who were staunchly supportive of Favre was astounding to me. It was mean-spirited and dreadful, some of the letters and comments he got. He talks about that. You can tell that it scared him.”

Now seven years into his promising career, Rodgers has forged his own Super Bowl winning path. And with Lombardi trophy in hand, I wonder how those same hate-filled fans feel today?

While Mr. Rodgers isn’t one to gloat publicly, I can’t help but wonder whether or not he has privately wondered: How you like me now?

As previously noted, the Emmy Award Winning series “America’s Game” will air at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 7 on NFL Network.

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